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11.6.11 “Stopping the Rain”

"Stopping the Rain"It rained off an on all day long. But in between showers, there was a stillness that let the sun come through just enough to make it a beautiful day.


9.5.11 “Here’s Looking at You Fish”

"Here's Lookin at You Fish"Not just another face in the crowd.

6.30.11 “Half & Half”

"Half & Half"6 months have come and gone. 6 months remain.

We’re halfway there.

What have I learned so far? Well, in the last few weeks I learned that it’s challenging to devote yourself to a project like this. I have fell into somewhat of neglect with this and I apologize for not keeping it up better. Changes in my life recently do not allow the amount of shooting I have been doing since this began. But I’m still keeping with it as best I can. And I appreciate all your support. Halftime is over. Time to rock this second half!

5.28.11 “Curbside Water Stop”

"Curbside Water Stop"They may only serve one beverage of choice, but the Belmont Village Seniors know how to serve their four legged friends!

5.17.11 “Beauty in the Shadows”

"Beauty in the Shadows"Beauty lies within. Sometimes you have to look deep in the shadows, beneath the tears, to see what true beauty holds.

2.25.11 “Deep Space Weather”

"Deep Space Rain"When the weather gets bad, let your imagination run wild and visit worlds beyond your reach.











(Remember, you only have until the end of Saturday to enter the contest from the “What is Art?” post. Winner gets their choice of a signed 11×14 print of their choice from Jan 1 – Feb 21. Get those last minute submissions in! Emails MUST be in to vision365photo@gmail.com by 11:59pm PT)

2.8.11 “Water Tubing”

"Water Tubing"Fresh H2O directly from the tubes of London.