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12.27.11 “Just Walkin’ My Dog”

"Just Walkin' My Dog"Nothing better than an afternoon stroll with your best friend.


11.28.11 “Dreaming of My Christmas List”

"Dreaming of my Christmas List" Caught someone dreaming about what she hopes Santa Claus will bring her this year!

10.7.11 “It’s the Claw!”

"It's the Claw!"The claw is gonna get you kitty!

(Okay I can be a bit immature when I get bored late at night.)

6.7.11 “What Does It Mean?”

"What Does it Mean?"What do I love about photography? Capturing moments. What do I love about the art it provides? The open for interpretation. We take what we want from a photograph, sometimes completely different from the person next to us.

For example, some of us may look at this photo and think to themselves how tired they are, and how they could use a nap right now.

While others may look at this and remember that night at karaoke when they belted out, “Born and raised in South Detroit!!!!!!!!”