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12.31.11 “The End”

"The End"Thank you to all who supported me and followed along with this project all year long. Whether you took the time to view each and every photo from the year, just a few, or just one. Your support is appreciated more than you could ever know.

So raise your nearest glass and here’s to you! Hope this year was everything you wanted.

Make sure you set out to accomplish a personal goal for yourself in 2012. This project is proof that anything you can set your mind to can be accomplished with persistence and patience.

Happy New Year!



12.8.11 “Imagine There’s No…”

"Imagine There's No..."…John Lennon. It’s not easy, even if you try.


6.1.11 “Give Peace a Chance”

"Give Peace a Chance"John Lennon did 42 years ago today.

When will you?


3.25.11 “Hair Peace Bed Peace”

"Hair Peace Bed Peace"On March 25, 1969, five days after their wedding, John Lennon and Yoko Ono climbed into the bed of room 902 at the Amsterdam Hilton and invited the media to join them for their honeymoon. It would become their first “bed-in” to help champion world peace.

So, in keeping with the theme of honoring people I admire, I did this little tribute photo.

I won’t ask you to stay in bed, but I will ask that when you get out of it in the morning, lead a life of peace!