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12.25.11 “Until Next Christmas…”

"Until Next Christmas"It takes all year to get here. Once it does, it’s over in a flash.

We watch this Christmas fade into memory. Until next Christmas.

Hope it was a wonderful one for you!


11.27.11 “Holiday Tree Trimming”

"Holiday Tree Trimming"Our tree is trimmed and ready to go! All we need now are presents to go underneath!

11.16.11 “Blurred Dots”

"Blurred Dots"Stuck home all day with a sinus cold. Terrible pressure. This was pretty much what I saw today.

6.4.11 “Seeing Stars”

"Seeing Stars"Even in Hollywood, when the lights go out, you still see a few stars.

3.3.11 “Cool Light”

"Cool Light"Use light the right way, and all your photos will be cool.









On a related note, I would like to announce the winner of my little art contest held last week. Congratulations to Kathy Kulaga of Chicago, Illinois.  Kathy’s inspiration to create art comes from finding strength, creativity and love within herself. Her passion is focused through creating portraits of her kids, and scrapbooking for herself and others. Her art is truly an unselfish focus at creating memories that will last a lifetime through the eyes of a parent.  Thank you Kathy for sharing your story with me, and please continue to find it within yourself to create something artistic and inspire the same in others!

Due to the success of this contest, I will be holding more in the future.  Please stay tuned to the VISION 365 blog as you never know when one might just pop up!

2.23.11 “L.A. Lights”

"L.A. Lights"Only in Los Angeles will you find a chandelier as a street light.