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10.29.11 “Michael Myers’ House”

"The House"On a quiet street, in a peaceful neighborhood, stands a house. A house with a secret. For something once so terrifying took place here, that nobody dares enter it’s doors. Those that do, must accept their fate.

This is the original house from the opening scene of the 1978 Horror film that started them all, “HALLOWEEN”. It is in this house that Michael Myers commits his first murder.

Today, the house still stands, but serves as a small offices. It is where my financial advisor is located in South Pasadena. No joke! In fact, his office is the same first floor room where the murder took place! So when I get to go hear about what the stock market is doing, that classic music begins to play and I just sit back and say, “Kill me now!”


9.1.11 “Just Some Psycho”

"Just Some Psycho"Some people said I was psycho for taking on a project like this all year long. In fact, I was one of them! But I’m still here. Almost in the home stretch. What do you think so far?