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12.24.11 “Fueling Up”

"Fueling Up"The bags are packed. The sleigh is ready. All we need is to fill the bellies with fuel and we are ready for takeoff!

Merry Christmas to all! Thank you for making this a wonderful year for me.

Here’s to lots of gifts when you awake tomorrow.



12.23.11 “A Festivus For the Rest of Us”

"A Festivus For the Rest of Us"If you’re like me, you also celebrate Festivus. A holiday for the rest of us.

The aluminum pole is up and non-decorated. I find tinsel distracting.

Happy Festivus!

12.20.11 “Christmas Wrap”

"Christmas Wrap"I wrap it all.

From freestyle to bows on my ho-ho-hos!

West coast represent!


12.14.11 “Genie in a Tree”

"Genie in a Tree"Hang on to your Santa hats and mittens kids, Christmas is almost here!

What are you wishing for?

12.12.11 “Almost Present Time”

"Almost Present Time"We’re getting closer to the present every day.

12.7.11 “The Cubcracker”

"The Cubcracker"Same show every year. Same ending every year.

11.27.11 “Holiday Tree Trimming”

"Holiday Tree Trimming"Our tree is trimmed and ready to go! All we need now are presents to go underneath!