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12.28.11 “The Honey Nut Cheerio”

"The Honey Nut Cheerio" Don’t you want to just dive into a bowl of tasty goodness?


11.24.11 “Give Thanks”

"Give Thanks"Time to gather with family, friends, whomever you hold close. Enjoy a tasty meal, and give thanks for all you have.

9.24.11 “Feast of San Gennaro”

"Feast of San Gennaro"I’m not Italian, but damn if I’m going to pass up a celebration featuring some fine Italian food.

Calamari, Calzones and Cannoli…oh my the Cannoli!

Thank you to Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla for making this event so fun here in LA.

6.26.11 “HomeTown Buff”

"HomeTown Buff"Sadly I don’t think this type of marketing campaign will attract any “buff” patrons.

6.24.11 “Portillo’s”

"Portillo's"In LA, I have to sit in traffic for about an hour to get mine. It just makes it taste that much better!

4.23.11 “Thou Shall Refuel”

"Thou Shall Refuel"After a long bike ride, thou shall refuel with a tasty Mexican feast!

3.26.11 “Chocolate Delight”

"Chocolate Delight"This goes out to anyone who gave up chocolate for Lent.

We are waiting for you…

3.8.11 “Double Double Fat Tuesday”

"Fat Tuesday w/ Cheese"I love me some good cajun cookin’, but I couldn’t help indulge in a little Americana double double beef-grilled onions smothered-leafy  lettuce layered-fresh tomatoes topped-secret sauce rockin’ In-N-Out cuisine to stuff myself up this Fat Tuesday. A long 40 days and 40 nights.

2.3.11 “The Hunt for Bread October”

"The Hunt for Bread October"Had a friend join me for lunch today. I ate from a bag. He ate from a can.

Dig deep, and you shall be rewarded.