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12.13.11 “Ruining My Shot”

"Ruining My Shot"Trying to set up a semi-artistic shot using someone’s treats was a mistake.


9.20.11 “Crime Scene Photographer”

"Crime Scene Photographer"There was an incident in our family room this evening. So far it’s being ruled a homicide. Suspect is said to have been seen fleeing the scene on four legs.

7.13.11 “Just Add Love”

"Just Add Love"So today’s photo is more of a make you aware, then a showcase my talents.

Today Warner Bros., in conjunction with the Burbank Animal Shelter, hosted an dog/cat/bunny adoption fair on the lot. There were many many animals available for adoption ranging from puppies and kittens just weeks old to those with only a few years left in them.

This one in particular caught my eye, and I spent a great deal of time with her. In fact, I would’ve brought her home, if I didn’t already have a full house!

Her name is Sally. The shelter thinks she’s around 10 years old. She’s a Havanese. She was found about a month and half ago near the freeway. She has some dental issues due to lack of care from whoever had her previously. While all the other dogs ran around and sniffed and barked and interacted with everyone, Sally just lay there. Hoping someone would take her home.

It was hard to even walk away from her. Knowing if I didn’t have any other pets of my own, she would be sleeping in a warm blanket next to my bed tonight. I was so touched by Sally, I’m still trying to figure out if I can make this work! If you, or anyone you know in the Burbank area is looking to adopt a truly wonderful dog, let me know, or contact the Burbank Animal Shelter to learn more about Sally. If anything, at least share this with someone you know in hopes we can find her a warm loving home!

I also encourage you to visit your local shelter and determine how you can volunteer or donate. I do in a number of ways. Through a work program a percentage of my salary straight to the Burbank Animal Shelter, which the company also matches. And I also donate a percentage of sales from my photography prints to the ASPCA. Even the smallest amount can bring blankets, food or a little bit of care that makes a world of difference to these wonderful animals who don’t have a place to call home.

Sally will make a truly wonderful addition to any home. She may be a little older then the rest, but all she needs is some love! Too much to ask?

UPDATE** 7/16/11 I just paid Sally a visit at the shelter and I have good news, she has been adopted as of this morning! Thank you to whomever out there is going to give her a loving home and the care and attention she deserves!

7.2.11 “Waiting for My Master”

"Waiting for My Master"In my experience, their loyalty is second to none.

5.28.11 “Curbside Water Stop”

"Curbside Water Stop"They may only serve one beverage of choice, but the Belmont Village Seniors know how to serve their four legged friends!

5.23.11 “Doggy Gaga”

"Doggy Gaga"Everyone got in on the album release today. Even this little monster!

5.19.11 “Doggie Doughnuts”

"Doggie Doughnuts" Even they can indulge in an unhealthy treat every now and then!

4.27.11 “Road Trippin’ With Daddy”

"Road Trippin' With Daddy"Picked up my little girl tonight for an early start to our weekend. We always take the long way home from Mamma’s house. She likes her car rides!

3.14.11 “Scratch Your Eyes Out”

"Scratch Your Eyes Out"The dog is about to learn that no, means no.

3.1.11 “Staring Contest”

"Staring Contest"Anything goes.