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12.14.11 “Genie in a Tree”

"Genie in a Tree"Hang on to your Santa hats and mittens kids, Christmas is almost here!

What are you wishing for?


12.10.11 “Earful of Air Up There”

"Earful of Air Up There"Everyone should get a Mickey Ear Balloon at least once in their lives. Bright, colorful, and full of memories! I remember getting my first one.

12.1.11 “A Windy December”

"A Windy December" It was a VERY windy night last night. So much that it blew this birthday balloon all the way from the 100 acre woods!

11.23.11 “Hello, My Name is Doug”

"Hello, My Name is Doug"I have just met you, and I love you.



11.18.11 “A Mouse’s Birthday”

"A Mouse's Birthday"Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse! 83 years young.

10.1.11 “Happy October”

"Happy October"Fall has arrived. Halloween is officially in season, scary or not-so-scary.


6.28.11 “Color with Me”

"Color with Me"As Goofy as it sounds, crayons have feelings too.

6.2.11 “Dead Men Tell No Tales”

"Dead Men Tell No Tales"It be too late to alter course matey.

5.31.11 “Getting Close to Pluto”

"Getting Close to Pluto"Pluto isn’t always so far away.

5.22.11 “More Than Just a Game”

"More Than Just a Game"There’s maybe a handful of people that can relate to how I feel right now. And there’s not a lot that gets under my skin. And I know it’s only one game. But growing up a Chicago sports fan, it’s more than that. When the Bulls lose a game like that, it makes me grumpy!