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12.25.11 “Until Next Christmas…”

"Until Next Christmas"It takes all year to get here. Once it does, it’s over in a flash.

We watch this Christmas fade into memory. Until next Christmas.

Hope it was a wonderful one for you!


12.20.11 “Christmas Wrap”

"Christmas Wrap"I wrap it all.

From freestyle to bows on my ho-ho-hos!

West coast represent!


12.14.11 “Genie in a Tree”

"Genie in a Tree"Hang on to your Santa hats and mittens kids, Christmas is almost here!

What are you wishing for?

12.12.11 “Almost Present Time”

"Almost Present Time"We’re getting closer to the present every day.

12.7.11 “The Cubcracker”

"The Cubcracker"Same show every year. Same ending every year.

12.5.11 “Accidental Moonlight”

"Accidental Moonlight"My original intent was have a nice crisp shot of this church candle holder with smoke coming out the top like a chimney. Nothing was working. Then when someone turned on the light in the light in another room as I was shooting, by accident I got this almost natural looking moonlight scene. Go figure. Nothing like I was intending to create, but I come out happier in the end.

11.28.11 “Dreaming of My Christmas List”

"Dreaming of my Christmas List" Caught someone dreaming about what she hopes Santa Claus will bring her this year!

10.31.11 “Jack’s Nightmare Before Christmas”

"Jack's Nightmare Before Christmas"‘Twas a long time ago.
In a place perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams.
No longer will you awake to the screams.
Or the monsters bearing their claws.
Instead you’ll find dear old Sandy Claus.
The mornings will bring ghostly white snow,
And the presents all wrapped with a bow.
So sit back and relax,
Gather round with the rest of us,
Halloween may be gone, but it’s time for Christmas!