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12.31.11 “The End”

"The End"Thank you to all who supported me and followed along with this project all year long. Whether you took the time to view each and every photo from the year, just a few, or just one. Your support is appreciated more than you could ever know.

So raise your nearest glass and here’s to you! Hope this year was everything you wanted.

Make sure you set out to accomplish a personal goal for yourself in 2012. This project is proof that anything you can set your mind to can be accomplished with persistence and patience.

Happy New Year!



6.5.11 “Under a Caged Sky”

"Under a Caged Sky"Sometimes it feels like you’re trapped, when all you hear around you is the sky’s the limit.

Courage will make you stronger. Faith will lift you to new heights.

Believing in yourself will make you realize you had it in you all along.

4.19.11 “Live Strong”

"Live Strong"Make someone smile. Make someone laugh. Sign up for a dance class. Run that extra mile.

Go left when you always go right. Say hello to a stranger. Tell someone they just made your day. Take the stairs to new heights.

Write a story. Take a day and just drive. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Be the first to glory.

Tell others to trust you and follow your lead. Call and old friend. Finish what you start. You will succeed.

Get out of your comfort zone. Be yourself. Show others the way. You’re never alone.

Live, long.
Live, strong.

4.6.11 “Tomorrow Never Knows”

"Tomorrow Never Knows"Today is sort of a take it how you wish commentary.

I’ve always been a firm believer in tomorrow is a new day. That you never know what the future holds. Lately, I have been surprised almost around every corner. And for that reason, I still hold true to this belief. Live your life in a day, each and every day.

And for those of you who may not be the inspirational type, then you can take today’s posting as a short history in music. For it was on this day in 1966 when the Beatles began recording sessions for what would become the ‘Revolver’ album. The first track they recorded, “Tomorrow Never Knows”

So remember, as quoted from that track, “turn off your mind, relax and float down stream.”

Tomorrow never knows.

3.22.11 “The Key to Success”

"The Key to Success"It comes from within. Make yourself happy, and you will always succeed.

3.21.11 “Have a Little Faith”

"Have a Little Faith"When life has got you down, remember your buddy always has your back!

You’re freakin’ awesome!