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7.29.11 “The Golden Hour”

"The Golden Hour"Some photographers call it the golden hour.

On Friday nights, I call it time for glass of rum!


7.26.11 “Pop Top”

"Pop Top"Today was one of those days where I wanted nothing more than to blow out my flip flop and step on a pop top. Think you know where I’m going with this. Now where’s the salt?

5.2.11 “Beer and Baseball”

"Beer and Baseball"Admit it, a a sports fan there’s really nothing more relaxing than an ice cold beer on a warm Spring night at the ballpark.

Am I right?

3.17.11 “The Last Son of Shamrock”

"The Last Son of Shamrock"Your only weakness is any kind of alcoholic beverage that is colored green.

Bring it on!

3.16.11 “Wine With Me”

"Wine With Me"Sometimes no reason is the best reason to wine.

3.6.11 “Shock Top”

"Shock Top"Shock Top is a Belgian-style wheat ale, and one of my favorite ways to bring the weekend to a close.