12.21.11 “Monochromatic Tree”

"Monochromatic Tree"No matter how colorful, how festive, or how joyful…some things just look better in black and white.


12.20.11 “Christmas Wrap”

"Christmas Wrap"I wrap it all.

From freestyle to bows on my ho-ho-hos!

West coast represent!


12.19.11 “Tonight’s Main Event”

"Tonight's Main Event"Live on Pay Per View. Watch these two battle it out for the title. We’re scheduled to go 12 rounds but I’m tellin’ ya we’re gonna need 15! Live from Caesar’s Palace. Don’t miss it!

12.18.11 “Somewhat Animated”

"Somewhat Animated"I once took a vacation to Springfield and came back looking like this.

12.17.11 “Tropical Holidays”

"Tropical Holidays"May you days be merry and bright and filled with lavish tropical tranquility.

12.16.11 “Terminator Mannequin”

"Terminator Mannequin" Going back in time to pass fashion trends on to you.

12.15.11 “A Fruitful Morning”

"A Fruitful Delight"Glazed in all its glory.

12.14.11 “Genie in a Tree”

"Genie in a Tree"Hang on to your Santa hats and mittens kids, Christmas is almost here!

What are you wishing for?

12.13.11 “Ruining My Shot”

"Ruining My Shot"Trying to set up a semi-artistic shot using someone’s treats was a mistake.

12.12.11 “Almost Present Time”

"Almost Present Time"We’re getting closer to the present every day.