About “Vision 365”

By now you have probably guessed what this is.  This is a photography project. Which is nothing original.  It has been attempted by many people over time, in a number of ways.  Taking one photo.  Every day.  For one year.  Some people take photos of themselves in the same location.  Or of an object in the same location.  Or focus on one theme.  The possibilities are endless really.  The challenge to a project like this is, can I really do it?  Can I really stay committed to taking a photo every day for one full year?  And how can I stay creative enough to keep it interesting each and every day?  That is my challenge, to myself.

So why did I choose to do this?  In a nutshell, I just wanted to take more photos.  I wanted to take more creative photos.  But I can’t just get away with that answer.  So in greater depth, I wanted to embark on a personal journey.  I wanted challenge myself on both a physical level, and a creative one.  I am starting this project to learn and to grow not only as an artist, but also as a person.  I honestly have no idea where one day will take me to the next.  And I don’t plan to know.  I am approaching this project with minimal mapping.  With that said, I do have certain paths I hope it leads me down, and have certain visions of certain images I “hope” to capture.  But for the most part, this project will consist of every day is a new day. Finding something new and interesting each day to document.

My vision is my vision and I know along the way some people may find the images I produce to be breathtaking, while others may have no clue as to why I shot it.  I see things the way I see them.  And my intention with this project is to document life over the course of one year, how I see it, and how I interpret it.

Will I take only “one” photo per day?  No.  The truth is, I will most likely take many.  Ten.  Twenty.  Maybe a hundred. Or in some cases, maybe even a thousand!  But at the end of the day, there will be one, and only one photo that will be selected to represent that day.  I am not “planning” any shoots for this project.  A camera in some fashion, whether my professional ones or my cell phone, will be with me at all times.  Allowing me to document anything at anytime I feel the need to.  It could be a tree in a park I walk by.  Or it could be a person from a scheduled shoot I am doing.  There is no focus on any one aspect to this project, other than the life around me.

I will do my best to update the project on a daily basis.  However, I know that there will instances that will prevent me from daily updates.  With that said, right now I plan on every Sunday bringing the project up date through the previous week.  But for the most part, I will try and give you updates daily.

As a side challenge to this project, I am also going to attempt to work my creative writing into each photo.  I will try and give every photo a title, or some cases, provide a brief commentary on each photo as to why I took it.  What I was feeling at the time.  Or whatever.  This part will be a work in progress, and I already have it in my mind that I may abandon this portion of the project if I feel the need.  After all, it is about the image first and foremost.

I chose to begin the project on New Years Day, instead of a day that had more personal value to me such as a birthday, or some other type of anniversary.  My reason is simple.  I wanted the back end motivation that following along with a calendar will give me.  This will allow me to easily track my progress over the course of the year, and trick my mind into either knowing I am, or am not, keeping with the program.

So what do I want from you?  Other than your continued support, I want you to be inspired by this project.  I want to inspire the person at home with nothing to do on a Saturday night.  I want to inspire your child leaning over your shoulder asking you what that is a picture of. I want to inspire other photographers and artists. I want you to take a moment to think about your own vision or creativity.  My intention is for everyone who follows along with this project, to come out with a newfound inspiration and outlook on life.  And maybe, just maybe, you can see the world a little differently though my eyes.

2011 holds a special place to me on a personal level.  This year will mark 10 years since I left my hometown of Chicago to pursue my dreams in the entertainment business.  It has been a roller coaster of a ride from day one, with many highs, and many lows.  When you asked me 10 years ago where I saw my life going, I guarantee you it was not where it is today.  Not even close.  I have accomplished a lot of what I set out to when I moved here, and some things I never even thought were possible.  I hope this experience brings me full circle in the end.  Allowing me to examine myself on many levels, and look forward to where the next 10 years of my life will lead me.

Vision 365 is my project.  It is my photographic journey through a year.  It is my challenge.  It is my commitment to myself, and to you, my audience who has supported me on my journey from the very start.  So sit back and relax.  But, hang on because this journey is gonna be one heck of a ride!


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