10.22.11 “Grandpa Romance”

"Grandpa Romance"Growing up, grandpa was always looked at as a tough old guy. We all looked to him as the leader of the family. Just like the Godfather. He was tough. He had tattoos. He had scruff. He was in the war.

But there was a side of Grandpa we found today that not many of us ever saw, or even know. The romancer! We found old letters he wrote to his beautiful wife of 52 years, some of which were done while they still dated.

In one in particular, he wrote a love ‘prayer’ to her.  It goes:



“Heavenly father up above,
Please protect the girl I love.
Help her to know, help her to see,
That I love her, and she loves me.
Help us now, help us forever,
To be loyal and always together.
Grant me this wish, and I’ll be content,
And thank you dear Lord, for the angel you sent.”  

-Frank Swierczek to his wife of 52 years, LaVergne



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