10.16.11 “Farewell Grandpa”

"Farewell Grandpa"If you saw yesterday’s post, you know the story already. And I’m sad to report that the race ended just a little sooner than we hoped.

My Grandfather passed away this morning. Peacefully. Quietly. Calmly. Without any pain. Just how anyone would have wanted it.

I don’t have much to say about anything today. I again tried taking a photo to make some sort of meaningful tribute for the project, but just could not muster the creative strength to balance with the technical skills of operating a camera today.

So again I use a photo that I took earlier. This one, from last Christmas. A wonderful way to remember such a loving man. Happy. Smiling. Enjoying life. Grasping on to a memory of the ones he loved most.

Rest in peace, Grandpa. Thank you for teaching me all that you did about life. You live on in all of your family.


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