10.15.11 “Down the Stretch They Come”

"Down the Stretch They Come"Today was a very different day for me. I received news this morning that someone very close to me had a short amount of time left with us. That person was my Grandfather.

He had been battling health issues for a while, but somehow always emerged strong in the end. Throughout the last week however, it seemed he made the final turn toward the finish line.

I had the chance today to go visit with him in the hospital and spend a good deal of time to say my goodbyes, something I never actually had the opportunity to do before. And while my mind was a bit preoccupied to even think about photography at a time like this, I knew I still had a commitment to myself with this project. So to ensure I stuck with it, I had to cheat a bit.

Today’s photo is actually one that I took many years ago. Composition wise, its horrible. Nothing about it is creative. It’s just a snapshot. But it holds a deep meaning. For one thing my Grandfather loved was horse racing. He made it a point to teach all the grandsons in the family about it. I spent many a time with him at this track where the photo was taken, and I wanted it to serve as a reminder of just one, of the many memories I had with him.

Just how much longer until he reaches the finish line? That we don’t know. But I was able to meet him heading out of that final turn to let him know how much I loved him, and to give it his all until the very end.


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