8.28.11 “You Look. But Do You See?”

"You Look. But Do You See?"This is Odie. He resides at the Los Angeles Zoo. He is a Donkey that suffers from a condition that makes him sensitive to sunlight. Mostly blind, he wears this protective covering over his eyes in order to be outside during the day.

The zoo was particularly busy this day, and as I stood on the opposite side of his pen where he was feeding; snapping away pics, he heard my camera, turned his head around, looked right at me and proceeded to walk all the way over right in front of me to pose just like this.

Lesson here? Don’t just look with your eyes. See with your eyes. Your mind. Your heart. Your soul. What you may think is a handicap to one, is a power learned to another and is greater than you could ever imagine.


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