6.14.11 “Last Breath of Air”

"Last Breath of Air"June 14, 1998.  The Bulls are down by 2 with under 30 seconds to play. Jordan just stole the ball. Checking the clock, he begins to dribble. Moving to his right, he holds off the defender with his left arm. Shaking free he pulls up for a jump shot just atop the free throw line. The ball sails through the air. Everyone holds their breath. There he stands. One arm extended. The ball touches nothing but the bottom of the net. The Bulls are up by 1, and go on to win their 6th NBA Championship. Michael Jordan’s last shot as a Chicago Bull, is probably his most meaningful, and surely, his most beautiful. June 14, 1998. A day no Chicago sports fan will ever forget. A day when his airness took his last breath of air for our city.

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