5.6.11 “Dog n Suds”

"Dog n Suds"Today gets a shout out to an old friend from high school, Cosmo. When we were seventeen we went camping up in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Driving through town on a hot summer night we came across a Dog n Suds off the side of the road. It’s one of those old fashioned-pull your car up and the waitress brings your food to your window-kind of joints. Very simple. Hot dogs, fries, and unbelievable root beer! Just a place where two best friends could enjoy some fast food, have a few cold beverages, and flirt with girls. Hey, not like there was anything else to do up in northern Wisconsin!

Found me an ice cold bottle today and enjoyed a trip down memory lane! And for the record I bought two.

One for me. One for Cosmo. (I had his)


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