5.3.11 “Love, Actually”

"Love, Actually"Some of you know this story from the start. Others picked it up mid-way. The rest, this is probably your first time. So please feel free to search back for the beginning of this tale. I know this may be a cheesy rip off from an earlier photo. But I don’t think of it as that.  I see it as Act II. And just as I stay true to the point of this project, this was a moment today worthy of capturing.

Everyone has that one person. That one person they can’t be without. Sometimes it’s not by choice. The moments they share together, whether long or short, spontaneous or planned, lavish or simple, are all they need. True love is just that. Love. It knows no boundaries. It knows no rules. There is no right way. There is no wrong way. In the end, you can wish for prince charming, you can expect gifts, you can hope for all these things. They mean nothing. Because the one true thing you will share with that special person, when all said and done…is Love, actually.


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