4.24.11 “Bunny”

"Bunny"This is my bunny. He is as old as I am. We’ve been through almost everything together. When I was born, he welcomed me. He slept alongside me in my crib. When I first fell down the stairs, he took the fall with me. He even bears a scar on his nose to prove it. He has more bald spots that I can count. He’s been almost torn apart by the dog on many occasions. And had more plastic surgery and re-attachment procedures than any stuffed animal I know. As I grew older, toys came and went. But not him. When I packed up most of my life to move to California, he enjoyed the cross country trip every mile of the way. He now enjoys a quiet life on a window shelf high above my office with a view of the mountains. He’ll always go where I go. And with today being Easter, it’s his day. I’m not ashamed to say I still keep this little guy around. He’s loyal. He’s honest. He’s a best friend. I hope you all have something equally similar that you hold close from your childhood. Happy Easter everyone!


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