4.10.11 “100 Things to See”

"100 Things to See"Today marks 100 days into this project. 100 photos. 100 different ways to see the world around you. Some good. Some not so good. Is every day always a good one? I’ve never doubted myself from the start of this project, but I’ll be honest, 100 photos seems like a lot, but it’s nothing. There’s a long road ahead. It’s been an adventure so far. And based on how everything has gone already, I have NO idea what’s next. So today’s photo is finally a self portrait. Maybe not the best. But what I feel is a great representation of me and what I do best, on the open road to visions unknown! But I am curious to see how you think I’ve done so far. So I invite you to please go back and look through all the previous photos so far. Tell me your to favorites. Could be one, or two, or whatever. Share a comment here. Email me. Facebook me. Tie a note to a pigeon and let it fly. I’m curious to know…


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