3.12.11 “Diary of a Girl Scout Zombie Killer”

"Diary of a Girl Scout Zombie Killer"Dear Diary,

Day 249 since the outbreak. I think? The days seem to run together now. This morning I woke to the sirens again. I threw on the first thing I could find, which happened to be a skirt. Bad choice. Weather is cold today. Wanted to wear my new Justin Bieber shirt. Hate being rushed. Had my last pop tart this afternoon for snack. I need to get more supplies. The playground is off limits now. We’re inside most days now. We’re only allowed to travel in pairs. They finally got to Billy this morning. He smiled at me in Math yesterday. An image I’ll never forget. I’ll always keep the stuffed teddy he got me for my seventh birthday last year. I’m a pretty good shot now. Had my first double kill today with one bullet. Book report is due tomorrow. I also need $5 for the field trip. Got to go.



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