3.4.11 “Fashionably Late”

"Fashionably Late"So I’ve already received a few emails from people this morning, “Hey where was yesterday’s picture?!” Don’t worry. It’s right here! Remember, I said I might not be able to post the day’s picture ON that day. Case in point last night. I shot the Spring 2011 ONIKAI Fashion Show, and it was a LATE night! And since I planned on getting a shot from the night to use, is why you aren’t seeing it until today.

Don’t freak out people! I won’t let you down! And while you’re at it, visit ONIKAI Fashion to check out all the clothes!


One response

  1. oni

    Luv it! What a great photo of Amy. That girl knows how to worrkkkk it!

    March 5, 2011 at 1:36 pm