1.25.11 “That Extra Step”

"That Extra Step"My parents sent this to me for Christmas this past year. It is a footstool from when I was a kid. It has seen good days, and bad. It has been chewed on by the dog, and dropped down the stairs. It has been cracked and split, and put back together again. It allowed me to reach new heights as a kid, in the literal sense. It helped me find things I thought were lost, and it helped me hide things I wanted to keep. It bears the scars of battle from being a children’s item.

I know this was sent to me in humor and good fun. But I’d like to think this little and forgotten object has new meaning to me now. It serves as a reminder that the lessons we learn in life, the things that assist us, the things that help us reach new heights, they give us that extra step we need every now and then, in more ways than one.

And for those of us who are only 5’9″, we still call upon that extra step every now and then whether we want to admit it we need it or not!


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