1.11.11 “The Light Within”

"The Light Within"Today’s post serves two purposes. One, I was lazy. I’ll admit it. But I wasn’t happy with anything that I shot during the day today. It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy I guess, I just didn’t find anything interesting. My approach to all my work is I treat is as if I were the viewer. I want to see something that would excite me or interest me from the audience. If I am not interested in it, what makes me believe you will be?

Part of this project is for me to further develop my skills. In a world where technology is ever changing the landscape of the arts and entertainment world, I must continue to make myself better. So a large portion of this journey I am devoting to the art of light, and how I approach and interpret it. As a photographer, light can be your best friend, and your worst enemy.

I say this with a two-fold meaning. In the literal sense, I have laid out challenges for myself to enhance the light in my photography. It has been something I have wanted to improve on for far too long. I am already beginning to notice differences in my approach to lighting my work. And I hope that throughout this project, it becomes more evident in my images. Second, I wanted to enhance the light in myself. As I have stated before through the beginning of this journey, it also serves a spiritual purpose within. Artists say it all the time, and it’s hard to see sometimes from the outside, but every now and then we need to find something that lights the fire for us. For me, that’s what this project is. Striking that match again to light a fire that has been dull for a while now.

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