1.9.11 “Puzzled by My ABC’s”

"Puzzled by My ABC's"How often do you get to be a kid anymore? When you’re a kid, you lose yourself in everything. Do you remember the last time you said your ABC’s? When was the last time you strapped on your cape and jumped off the 42nd floor of your bed to save the world?

As we grow older, we may lose connection of the world as we knew it when we were kids. At least most of us. Why do you think we relate so well to movies about talking toys? We grew up in those worlds. Where the cabinets towered above us. The staircase was a mountain. And the boogeyman lived in our closet.

Today, I joined my cute little friend here on an magical alphabetical journey through the animal kingdom! It was fun. It was spur of the moment. It allowed me to be a kid again. Sure the knees creaked, and the back tweaked as I got up from the not-so-soft tile floor. But it was a small price to pay to live in memories maybe you can’t visit that often.

So, just like my challenge with this project is to feed my brain with creativity, I have a challenge for you. Find sometime this week to let yourself be a kid again. Have a magazine to read? Try laying on your belly under a sunny window. Going to watch the latest blockbuster film? Swap it out for your favorite cartoon. Go to the candy store and fill a bag of treats for yourself. Find a swing set and make yourself nauseous as you tip your head back on the way up.

Being a kid shouldn’t be puzzling. After all, it’s those pieces of a bigger puzzle that made you who you are today.


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