1.7.11 “51 Hold ‘Em”

"51 Hold 'Em"Seven days. Seven pictures. It’s been one week since I started this project. So far it’s going strong. Week 1 is locked up. There’s 51 remaining. Just as I knew this project was a gamble, I play it like a game of cards. I never know what hand will be dealt to me when I wake up each morning. On the very first day of the project, I thought I had my image locked in for the day on the first subject I came across. But I called the universe’s bluff. There was more in store that day.

What have I learned thus far? This is not going to be an easy journey over the course of the year. I already know my mind will be strapped for ideas on days to come. It has happened already. But, I welcome the challenge. It has already enabled me to see things differently on a daily basis. I am constantly searching for interesting images and stories to tell. I hope you like what you have seen so far. There is plenty more to come! We’ll see what is dealt to me this next week.


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