1.6.11 “Tea’d Off”

"Tea'd Off" Every cup of tea has a purpose. A good cup of tea is like your best friend. When you are cold, it will warm you. When you are tense, it will relax you. A hot cup of tea is always soothing.

But it’s beginning to ‘T’ me off! The weather lately has been so constantly crappy that all I really crave is sunshine and a cold beer.

Maybe I should start making a fire and have a glass of wine every night instead.  But then I’ll just turn into a ‘whiner’.

Despite my annoyance and hopes for better weather, this image of my nightly tea brewing was enough to start warming me up. Hopefully it relates a soothing warmth for you as well.


One response

  1. I’ll take the sun and a beer.

    January 7, 2011 at 6:49 am