1.5.11 “Lost in Print”

"Lost in Print" Call me old fashioned, but I still do and will always love a good book. There are so many gadgets in the world today that allow you to read books, newspapers and magazines anytime, anywhere. And while I do appreciate the conveniency of this, at times, nothing for me will beat holding printed pages in your hand. To me, it’s an appreciation of the work the author put into it. I know of a few authors who have succeeded in writing books. I love to hear their excitement when they say, “I just reached page 300, or 400, or 500!” I keep that in mind when I’m turning the page to one of their milestones. I know printed books are slowly phasing themselves into history, but there will always be a few laying around somewhere. Books show age. Books show history. Books have a story on their own. They get passed around. A book doesn’t have call waiting. A book won’t notify you when someone tags you in a photo. And you’ll never spill coffee on your book and have it short out on you!


So pick up a book, and get lost in print.


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