12.31.11 “The End”

"The End"Thank you to all who supported me and followed along with this project all year long. Whether you took the time to view each and every photo from the year, just a few, or just one. Your support is appreciated more than you could ever know.

So raise your nearest glass and here’s to you! Hope this year was everything you wanted.

Make sure you set out to accomplish a personal goal for yourself in 2012. This project is proof that anything you can set your mind to can be accomplished with persistence and patience.

Happy New Year!



12.30.11 “One Last Taste”

"One Last Taste"I’ve tasted many samples over the course of the year. Some good. Some bad. Some hit the spot.

I hope that you enjoyed the tasting as much as I.

Tomorrow brings the end. The end of a long journey.

Thank you for letting me share it with you.

Raise a glass, and here’s to one last taste before the big hoo-rah tomorrow!

12.29.11 “Thinking of What’s Next”

"Thinking of What's Next"2 days left to go in the year. I better start thinking about what’s next for me in 2012.

12.28.11 “The Honey Nut Cheerio”

"The Honey Nut Cheerio" Don’t you want to just dive into a bowl of tasty goodness?

12.27.11 “Just Walkin’ My Dog”

"Just Walkin' My Dog"Nothing better than an afternoon stroll with your best friend.

12.26.11 “Blow Your Plug”

"Blow Your Plug"This is about how I feel right now. The year is winding down. There is less than one week left. That means this project is just about complete. I’m about ready to blow up! So many photos taken. So many things seen.

12.25.11 “Until Next Christmas…”

"Until Next Christmas"It takes all year to get here. Once it does, it’s over in a flash.

We watch this Christmas fade into memory. Until next Christmas.

Hope it was a wonderful one for you!

12.24.11 “Fueling Up”

"Fueling Up"The bags are packed. The sleigh is ready. All we need is to fill the bellies with fuel and we are ready for takeoff!

Merry Christmas to all! Thank you for making this a wonderful year for me.

Here’s to lots of gifts when you awake tomorrow.


12.23.11 “A Festivus For the Rest of Us”

"A Festivus For the Rest of Us"If you’re like me, you also celebrate Festivus. A holiday for the rest of us.

The aluminum pole is up and non-decorated. I find tinsel distracting.

Happy Festivus!

12.22.11 “Preparing My Grievances”

"Preparing My Grievances" Tonight, on this eve of Festivus, I prepare my grievances, which I shall share with those who have disappointed me in recent time before the Festivus dinner tomorrow.